Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab live

Death Cab

My wee sister is a massive Death Cab for Cutie Fan, so she bought tickets for the two of us to go and see them and support act Franz Ferdinand at the Nokia Theater, just outside Dallas. I didn’t know what to expect really as I didn’t know Death Cab’s music, and I’d never been to a gig at the Nokia before.

The venue itself was pretty nice – it was a good size and smaller than the massive American Airlines Center where I’d seen some concerts before. Beer was a bit pricey at $8 a go though, and the sound could have probably been better – it was a bit hard to tell what people on stage were saying at some points, although we were pretty far back as we got last minute tickets.

The music – well it was ok. The crowd did seem to have some Franz fans present, which was good for them, seeing as they’re fellow Scots! And they were pretty good as well, although apart from Take Me Out and Do You Want To, the rest of the tracks were a bit slow. Death Cab I’d never heard before, and they’re not really my cup of tea (even though one of them is in The Postal Service, who I like) but they were ok – just a bit angsty-slow for me! So overall it was a different night out, but the two tracks above from Franz Ferdinand were definitely the highlight for me – I prefer music that’s a bit faster!

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