Playing music to my stereo without wires

Airtunes 1

So, now I’m back in Belfast, i’ve been sorting out my flat, and one of the things I did was to get wireless Internet access working in my flat for my Mac AND my old PC (which I keep for the program we use to script at work).

The next thing I did was to set up Airtunes – this lets you play music from any computer to your stereo without wires, and it was VERY easy to set up. It’s brilliant! All you need is iTunes on your computer, a digital or analogue audio cable, and Airport Express which you can buy from the Apple Store. All I had to do then was link the Airport Express unit to the stereo with a cable, open the setup assistant, and I was ready to go – music from my laptop playing over my stereo.
It’s really handy for me seeing as I’ve sold most of my CDs after ripping them to iTunes.

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