Have scientologists arrived in Belfast?!


Walking home from work tonight, I spotted a tent outside the now closed Burger King just up the road from work. Well it was more of a gazebo type affair with a table. On the table was a clipboard and a sign saying ‘dream interpretations’. The most recent dreams I’ve been having don’t really need any kind of explanation or interpretation, but anyway I digress.

I had read somewhere that the Church of Scientology actually recruits people by dream interpretation sessions. So I thought this might have been some Scientology people in Belfast recruiting! I have never seen or heard of any of this kind of thing going on in Belfast, so I googled it when I got home tonight, and it turns out they do have a mission in Belfast.

All the people at the stall seemed quite young. I dunno – I have heard a lot of mysterious things about the whole thing, which makes me very wary, but I guess it must hold an attraction for some people. Not my scene though.

I did try to take a photo of the whole shebang with my phone but was thwarted by a) my Mum refusing to get off the ‘phone b) my camera ‘phone pictures always being blurry at the moment anyway and c) the people at the stall started staring at me (probably because I was staring at them). So I’ve done an artists’ re-creation instead. Voila!


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