Ryanair to fly from Belfast City?


BBC News Online has an article tonight saying that Ryanair might soon be flying from Belfast City Airport. I for one hope that is not true.

I’ve never flown with Ryanair, and I don’t plan to either – something about them just doesn’t really appeal to me. I’d like to pay a bit more and experience a little bit more. Weirdly, Easyjet doesn’t bother me – but I think they just seem a bit more professional or something.

Anyway, the main reason that I’m hoping Ryanair will not be coming to Belfast City is that it is going to make an already pretty small airport very very busy. The last couple of times I’ve been there, there hasn’t been much room in the departure lounge. That certainly hasn’t been helped by the fact that the new owners of the airport put in another cafe and a duty free shop, taking away seats. Thing is – if that area is already pretty busy, what’s it going to be like when Ryanair start flying from there? Mental! That’s what, and I like my flying experience to be calm, not stressful.

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