Hectic couple of days

Well, day off today after a hectic couple of days getting ready for the shows at the weekend just passed there. You wouldn’t think it, but it really takes it out of you – late nights, taking 50 minutes or so to get home. Anyway, the shows went ok on Saturday, although the one we pre-record for the Sunday had to be stopped about half way through – bit of a cock up which was partly my fault. So that put me in a bit of a bad mood.

After that, about 4pm, some of us went on to the BBC Bar at Television Centre, where I proceeded to get very tipsy. One of the extras that had been on the show was a very nice cheerleader, so I started chatting to her. I ended up buying her about five glasses of wine only for her to do a runner while I was at the toilet. I think it would be fair to say I was raging at that – there’s no excuse for that, is there ? It’s just plain rude. I was ragin. Still am typing this actually !

So, it’s Valentine’s Day today – no cards for me in the post, and I didn’t send any either. Was gonna send a bunch of flowers to a lady from my past, but decided against it – I do the same thing every year, and maybe I’m just getting older and more cynical, but it doesn’t seem to do any use.

London’s beginning to get to me a bit – dunno whether it was just cause it was a hard week last week and then Saturday didn’t go 100% well, but I’m quite glad I’ve only got two weekends worth of shows left, and then I can get back to Belfast. I really am lookin forward to that actually.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow – right now I’m in some dodgy internet cafe in Islington after meetin my mate Kev for lunch. The woman on the counter seems to be trippin or something to some extremely dodgy music. Away to catch the tube home and relax before I start work again tomorrow.

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