Olympic fever

Picture12_1Well Olympic fever seems to be kinda sweeping London this week with the arrival of the IOC committee which will be responsible for deciding where the 2012 Olympics will be held. Everything seems to have been Olympified just for the week they are here really – you can’t move for seeing buses like the one above, tubes and DLR trains wrapped in Picture11_1Olympic slogans. They’ve also put slogans all over the buildings round Canary Wharf – like the swimming pool (right) beside my Dad’s flat.

To be honest, I don’t think London is in with a chance – Paris are always so much better at creating theatre and things – like their summer project to put the beach on the Seine. I think they will probably manage to win the Olympic bid. There doesn’t seem to be any real excitement about it in London.

Haven’t really been up to much else – busy writing my scripts for my next weekend of shows – the 26th and 27th of Feb. I did stand beside Bob Mortimer at the Costa stall in Television Centre this morning. He ordered a tea and when the Italian lady serving him asked “with meelk ?” he said “with meat ?” A tea with meat – disgusting, but it made me chuckle.

In a week I’ll have saved up enough money to buy a Mac – but should I go for the iMac 20" or the 17" Powerbook ? What do you think ?

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