Help me my brain is turning to mush

Me throwing Christine about

I think I have had one of the most boring weeks ever. Basically at work, they don’t know what programme I’m working on next, so I’m just coming in every day and twiddling my thumbs. Then I’m going to the gym half way through the afternoon, and then I’m going home. It’s a pattern being repeated every day, and it’s getting very boring.

Last week I did go out and get drunk a couple of times – that’s me with Christine above when we were in the Potthouse last week (it was a model competition but none of them were good looking), and I was also out on Friday night and ended up with two people back at my flat until 6am in the morning doing Singstar. I think we sang nearly every song on the two Singstar CDs. Several of them twice.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve been up to. Nothing very interesting. Here’s hoping I get a call soon telling me what I’m going to be working on next, before absolutely all my creativity disappears.

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