I finally get to try those straws that turn milk chocolatey

Chocolate straws

After seeing straws advertised which flavour normal milk, I’ve been keeping an eye out for them for ages. Finally at the weekend, I found some in Sainsbury’s. Yay!

I had seen Nesquik ones advertised, but they never seemed to materialise on the shelves. Maybe because of this.

The ones I found are called “Sipahh” and are made by the company that sued Nestle. I’m quite glad they weren’t Nestle, as I usually avoid their products because of past behaviour by the company.

Anyway! I tried my chocolate straws last night. They are quite interesting really in that they are a lot thicker than a normal straw, and have a little blockage in them to stop the chocolate flavoured balls just going right in your mouth.

I thought the flavour was very weak at first, and not like chocolate milk, though it did get better the longer I was sucking (no rude comments there please). Maybe I just wasn’t sucking hard enough.

Anyway like I said, they are quite interesting as a novelty, but at £1.29 a pack of 10 (if I remember correctly) I’m not sure they are worth it as the flavour is not as good as say Yazoo or Yoo-hoo chocolate milk. Also I find the cow on the packaging a bit psychotic and scary looking.

So there!

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