I went to da movies last night for the first time in AGGGEEESSSS. I went to see Zodiac, a film about a killer who teased police in San Francisco during the early seventies. I’d seen a couple of documentaries about this case before, so I kind of knew the story, and thought the film would be interesting.

And it was – it is l-o-n-g at around two and a half hours, but it didn’t feel long. Well only after I started to need the toilet, and after the person I was with spilt their drink all over the floor because they got a super ginormous drink that was far too big for even the cupholder.

Anyway, it was a good movie. I can’t really say any more about it without giving it away, but if you’re looking for an action packed movie, this isn’t really for you. I also liked it though because it was set in the 70s in America so that was kind of neat if you know what I mean.

I saw two trailers as well for films that look pretty good – Disturbia and Vacancy. I wouldn’t mind seeing either of those!

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