I have a car! For the first time ever.

Yes indeedy, I have bought myself a car (well actually Mum and Dad bought it and I am paying them back). It’s a Fiat 500, which is a great little car. I didn’t want anything too big, so my Dad and I went car shopping when I was over in Scotland. I quite like Fiats, so we headed off to that garage, and the Fiat 500 which I’d read a bit about really took my fancy.

The Punto is actually bigger and cheaper than the 500, but at the end of the day, I decided on the 500 because it’s nice and neat, comes with bluetooth and all that jazz (although it doesn’t work that well with the iPhone at the moment), and it doesn’t look boring inside.

It was a bit of a mammoth journey getting the car back to Belfast (an eight hour trip all in all, including a ferry), but it’s been worth it. I’ve never had a car before, and it’s making a big difference already in that I can just pop round and see mates. Another good thing about the 500 is that it’s pretty environmentally friendly (well as much as a car can be) and it’s only 35 a year to tax as a result. Woo-hoo!

If you see me driving about, do give me a peep. Don’t distract me too much though as I don’t want to crash it.

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