I have a new phone at last!

iPhone 1

Yes, after three years of having a rubbish phone (well rubbish after three years), I splashed out and bought an iPhone on O2’s 45 tariff which gives me 500 minutes and 500 texts a month, with unlimited Internet access. I’ve had it two weeks now, and am pretty used to it. There’s some things I really, really like about it, and some things that annoy me a bit…

Things I really like

  • getting my e-mails anywhere – it’s just weird. And pictures and HTML e-mails work fine on it too
  • being able to access the proper Internet – not just rubbish text based sites
  • the iPod on it is amazing – the screen is great for video, and being able to flick through albums with your fingers is great too
  • having an iTunes store in your hand is dangerous!

What isn’t great

  • not being able to send texts to more than one person at a time is a bit annoying
  • the memory isn’t massive at 8GB, particularly if you’ve got a lot of video
  • unless you’re on wi-fi the Internet isn’t amazingly fast, but it’s certainly fine for sites like BBC News and Facebook

Overall, I’m really pleased with the purchase. Yes, it’s expensive, but I see it as kind of a treat to myself. I think it’s going to take a bit longer to get used to though – it’s just not like any ‘phone I’ve had before. The lack of a physical keyboard is the biggest thing I think I have to get used to, but I’m already pretty fast at typing on it.

O2’s tariffs for the iPhone feature unlimited wi-fi access through hotspots run by The Cloud. The only problem being that when I bought my phone they only had one hotspot in the whole of Northern Ireland. They did recently say however that they are in the process of adding hotspots in Northern Ireland, so hopefully Internet access will become a bit faster when I’m out and about…..

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