I want a day off !

Well I’m in work again – from 10am this morning ‘til 8pm at night, it’s my seventh day in a row. I want a day off ! So I can get a bit of a lie in ! Obviously, I wasn’t out last night then – I stayed in and watched Love Actually. I was a bit hesitant about watching it cos it seemed like a girly movie, but I actually thought it was really good – a really nice, feel-good film. It made me determined to go out and find the perfect girl for me.

That won’t be happening tonight though – gonna stay in again as I’m a bit skint and I also want to spend my day off tomorrow hangover-free. G apparently has plans to try and get me to The Fly tonight, but I don’t think it’ll happen !

As a bit of fun, see if you can spot the two dogs here – my Dad actually thought it was a bull which is weird, but maybe he just wasn’t looking that closely !

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