I’ll have one of these please!


What on earth is this you ask. Well, it’s a Slingbox – a little box which sits underneath your TV. Plug it into your digital, Sky+ box or Tivo, and connect it to your broadband connection. Then you can watch and control your TV / digital box from any computer with an internet connection.

Just think about it – it’s a quick and easy way to watch TV on your laptop in your bedroom (if you have a wireless network) or you can catch up on your recorded TV while you’re away on holiday (I’m thinking it would save me having to watch endless re-runs of Law & Order when I’m in Dallas because there’s nothing else on). Well maybe that’s a bit harsh. I’m a bit partial to a bit of Judge Mathis.

Anyway, it’s just landed in the UK at PC World, with a price tag of £179.99. It’s currently only available for PCs, but Mac software is promised for later this year. It’s very tempting, but I’m not sure I’d use it enough to justify that rather hefty price tag.

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