In a rut

I was in a bit of a rut there for four or five days. It happens to me every now and then really – I just feel really down, can’t be bothered leaving the house, eating, or answering the telephone. It really sucks, because there’s nothing I can really do to get out of it… I just have to wait until I feel a bit better.

I don’t really know what caused it either. Combination of things maybe. It’s not nice though.

Anyway, once I get paid, I need to start getting out again – I feel like I have not been out here for absolutely ages – although really it’s only been about three weeks. I have to get out and find myself a lady, and play the field a bit, although I think I’m going to have to lower my standards there. All my mates tell me I’m far too fussy, and I probably am to be honest.

I’ve been invited to a wedding in Scotland in March, and the invitation says ‘and guest’. Which is mortifying and awkward if you’re single. So… erm… if you know of anyone that might be up for it – let me know!

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