Egg and Muffin toaster heading to the UK – my prayers have been answered.

Egg and Muffin toaster article

I HATE the Daily Mail. It is a right-wing scare-mongering paper that a) creates scare stories about how immigrants are taking over the UK and b) has at least one article slagging the BBC in it every day. So when I got a message from my Mum on my voicemail today telling me to go out and buy it, it was hard for me. But she said not to bother ‘phoning her to find out what it was about, so with a grimace, and grudging my 45p, I headed to the wee newsagents beside my work.

I was actually glad I did because lo and behold, and hallelujah! In there (amongst the usual load of old tosh) was an article which stated that the Egg and Muffin toaster I blogged about ages and ages ago (I can’t be bothered linking to the original post there) is coming to the UK!!! Unfortunately like the iPhone it’s “later this year” whatever that means.

It basically toasts a muffin, AND cooks an egg in four minutes. And if I remember correctly it keeps meat like bacon or breakfast sausage warm as well while it takes care of everything else. This is what new technology should be all about!

When I first found out about it, next time I was in Dallas I hot-footed it to Target to buy one, but the whole voltage thing meant it wouldn’t work in the UK without a transformer the size of a small bungalow.

So it’s on its way to these shores! I’m a bit worried it is one of those things you buy and never use, but hell for £25 it’s worth the risk, and it’s perfect for a hangover!

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