Hmmm.. Valentine’s Day and various ramblings


Well I haven’t posted much recently, and it’s just because I haven’t been up to anything interesting. I’m still editing away at work, which is a bit boring because it’s programmes I didn’t film, so I just have to kind of put them together. I’ve got about another month left on it, and then hopefully on to my own series. I’ve also been skint since coming back from Dallas, (as I was determined not to use my Amex card there) so I haven’t really been out since my birthday.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be that much interesting going on out there at the moment… or maybe I’m just missing it all.

Valentine’s Day today… hmmmm… it sucks if you’re single. First off I have been accosted about thirty times by swarthy skinned people wanting me to buy a rose. The only rose I’ll be buying is to shove down your throat thanks very much. I don’t need reminding that I’m single!

On the way back from swimming tonight, EVERYONE seemed to be in couples. How annoying. Also Pizza Hut was full of couples having dinner. I thought that was weird. Surely you want to go someplace a bit nice on Valentine’s Night?

So did I send a Valentine this year? No. I very very nearly did. But I decided against it. I like the whole Valentine’s tradition, and I think it’s nice that you have a chance every year to let someone know you like them in a kind of secretive way. I also think it’s nice for the person receiving it.

I did check out flowers and that. But for some reason I decided against it. Not even because if my mates found out they’d garotte me. I just feel the person I like probably knows I like em anyway, and that’s fine just now. I’m trying to play it cool anyway…. and I really need to be looking elsewhere.

Oh and I had to take a picture of Rolos to illustrate this cos I couldn’t find any Loveheart sweets in the shop. Not quite the same, but it’s meant to be the last rolo. The Lovehearts had probably all been bought by couples today. Grrrr.

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