Last episode of NYPD Blue airs


NYPD Blue is my absolute, tip-top favourite TV show. It’s brilliant.

Sadly however, it’s not made anymore in the US. More4 have been showing the last three series once a week, so I’ve been coming home every Tuesday night, eagerly awaiting my next fix.

They showed two episodes this Tuesday night. I’d just got to the end of watching the first one on my Tivo when the announcer’s voiceover told us to stay tuned “for the last ever episode of NYPD Blue”. I am gutted. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, and I don’t know when I’ll get round to it – because once I’ve watched it, that’ll be the last one!

I’d known that the last episode must be coming up fairly soon, because you could see all the storylines being wrapped up. I just hope that whenever I do watch it, it’s not too sad. 🙁

Anyway, I’ve ordered the first series up on DVD so I can start watching the whole thing from the beginning, ‘cos I didn’t see the early ones. I have always thought it was a bit sad to have a whole load of box sets of the one TV series, but I might make an exception this time (although I’ll probably hide them away in a cupboard.)

If you missed it, the last two episodes are being shown on More4 starting at 21.00 on Sunday the 18th of February.

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