Jill_and_christine_in_the_g_mobileWell I am knackered after a weekend in Belfast! If you wanna see the photos, they’re here.

So – flew over on Friday night, and was a quick rush home to get changed, showered and out again. Found out that my mailbox had been broken into again which is really annoying. I get my mail re-directed to London, but the odd thing slips through, and it’s annoying to think some knackers are getting mobile ‘phones and the like with my bank statements! Particularly after I installed a new lock after they broke the last one!

Anyway, Friday went off to Apartment and met up with G, Christine, Jill and Imelda. After a couple of drinks there it was off to guess where – The Pott House! Yet again! It was good though – I switched to Smirnoff Ice during the night trying to avoid a hangover the next morning, and got quite pissed as a result. Saw two nice girls, but didn’t speak to them – was too busy messing around on the dancefloor!

Woke up absolutely dying the next morning and missed an appointment I’d booked for 8.30am – maybe was being a bit optimistic in the first place there! Anyway, managed to drag myself out of bed eventually, and went and met Christine for lunch. Then I caught up with Raymond from work who showed me his very nice new house – looking forward to the house warming which will no doubt be very funny. And I amused Raymond as usual, with my stories of lack of current success with ladies:(

Paul__jillSaturday night it was off to the Pott House again – it was one of Jill’s friends’ birthdays. I’ll admit I was so hungover I thought I was going to have to have an early night, but a couple of shots later, and I was ok again. The lovely Jennifer was out again which was pleasant ! And also I met a girl G knows that I rather like the look of. Very cute looking! Also out was Jill’s beau, Paul – who seems like a nice dude.

Left quite early and sober, and then Sunday was spent reading the paper in Clements on Botanic – I miss that place! Although they had run out of cheese and ham toasted sandwiches which was annoying. Then it was off to the gym – 100 lengths of the pool, and it just made me realise how much I am missing my swimming. So tonight, I’m cancelling my membership of the gym in Belfast and this weekend I’m gonna to a day trial of the gym in London that’s near the flat. It is £78 a month which is very steep (and that’s off-peak!) but like I said, I’m missing the swimming, so I’m gonna give it a go. I do really like the gym in Belfast though – and I will miss out on the opportunity of seeing Gym Bird in her bikini!

So, back to work first thing this morning – not a pleasant journey from Paddington on the tube as the Bakerloo line was all messed up, but got there in the end, and am now away to get cracking on this week’s script. Later dudes!

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