Off home!

Well had a fairly busy week, hence no posts! Last weekend was quite quiet – Dad and I went to the Docklands Museum last Sunday as it’s quite unusual for him to be in London at the weekend.

However – it was – and Dad agreed! Very B-O-R-I-N-G. I only like museums if you can push buttons and everything, and you could hardly do that at all. Plus it was totally roasting, meaning you felt tired after taking three steps. The last floor was all about Docklands today, and was actually quite interesting, but by then I think we’d both had enough!

On Monday, Ailse came down from Scotland, so we went out for dinner on the Monday night – to the Texas Embassy. And it’s a restaurant, not a real embassy! I thought it was ok – a bit over-priced maybe, and the food wasn’t great, but it was just nice being out in the centre of town for a change.

Tuesday night, Ailse and I went to the cinema to see A Lot Like Love – I wasn’t looking forward to it cos it looked really soppy, but I actually did enjoy it. Although it made me want a girlfriend 🙁

‘Part from that, nothing interesting going on really – studio day yesterday, so quite busy, and today everyone from Xchange is off to play rounders in Regents Park, then go drinking. I’m gonna miss it too ! Which is annoying. But, I’m off to Belfast, so no doubt I’ll be filling in details of a lost weekend on Monday then!

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