My bread-making adventures continue!


How’s that for an attention grabbing headline! Yes, I think I am becoming addicted to making bread. So far I have made rolls, bagels, naan bread and a loaf, and I cannot explain how easy and relaxing it is. It’s also nice because bread you buy in shops is pumped full of chemicals to make it longer lasting. If you make bread yourself you can freeze it, and it’s not full of rubbish.

So bagels has been my latest experiment. This weekend I am going to try making ciabatta! And after a hunt for a non-stick loaf tin, I plan to make bread every week for my lunches.

I’ve found a really great book on bread making which is pretty cheap, so you have no excuse for not trying it out yourself – it even includes recipes for gluten-free bread. Bread-making can sound long and complicated, but it only takes 10 minutes of your time – the rest of the time it is rising, or in the oven. And getting your hands on some dough is very theraputic.

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