NYPD Blue is back!


One of my all time favourite TV shows is NYPD Blue. It’s been missing off our screens here for ages – but it’s coming back! Starting on May 8th, More4 are showing the last three seasons of the show (it’s already finished in the US). And seeing as they’re showing three episodes a week, it won’t take long until they’re all shown.

I get RTE over here in Belfast, and they have broadcast the show too – in fact I think I caught some of those episodes. I’m compeltely confused as to what was the last season I saw, but More4 seem to be picking up from where Channel 4 left off. If I was ahead of that, I don’t mind seeing it repeated so I can refresh my memory. I’m a bit sad that they’re showing three episodes a week though – it’ll be over in no time! Reckon I might need to stack them up on TIVO and watch at a bit more of a leisurely pace!

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