Old Coca Cola theme remixed

Robin Beck First Time 1          Sunblock

I’ve worked out I was 15 when Robin Beck’s “First Time” came out – it was the theme (with new lyrics) to a Coke ad, and I admit (bit embarassing now) I bought it on a 7" single. Anyway, Sunblock (them of the Baywatch theme remix) have picked it up and remixed it (although the chorus still sounds like the Baywatch theme), and it’s not that bad – in that at least they’ve left the verses kind of untouched.
As with their previous ‘work’ the video’s probably better than the song – you can watch that here, and a preview of the ‘x-rated’ version here. There’s a very good looking woman in the first video (the one at the start with the dark hair!), and the second one is a load of topless women having a pillow fight. That sounds ok, but they’re really not that attractive. Certainly different from the original video though.
Sunblock – First Time featuring Robin Beck is in the shops on May 15th, or you can download it here now.

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