What have they done to Holidays are comin’ ?!!!!

Coca Cola Christmas lights
I am pretty bad at feeling festive – I don’t usually get excited until a couple of days before Christmas (but by then boy am I excited). One thing each year usually gets me a little more festive feeling though – the Coca Cola “Holidays are comin’” TV ad – the one with the grandpa and the little boy and the Coca Cola lorries!

I saw the new version tonight for the first time – and sadly it sucks a bit 🙁 Apparently created by top creative agency, Mother, I don’t find it as Christmassy as normal. It just seems to be lacking something – I dunno. I’m sure the brief contained something along the lines of making the ultimate Christmas ad or bringing together all the elements of Christmas, but it doesn’t hit the spot for me. What do you think of it?

You can watch it here at visit4info.com, which by the way is a great site for checking out the latest cool ads.

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