What I’ve been up to in Dallas this week

Well not that much to be honest! I have been going to the shops quite a bit, buying quite a lot of clothes, and just chilling out and relaxing. On Thursday night I had a family birthday night at my favourite restaurant in Dallas – Taverna. I love it! But my Mum hates it because it’s a bit loud. It wasn’t a full family birthday either as my Dad is in London at the moment. Anyway I got my last birthday present of the year from my wee sis Ailsa – it was iKaraoke!


It is basically a microphone which plugs in to your iPod. But (and this is the clever bit) it also removes the vocals from the track on your iPod and then plays the backing track and your voice through your stereo (either wirelessly or with a cable). Neat! I love karaoke, so I will be checking it out properly when I get home. Obviously the only drawback is you don’t have the words, but if you know the songs, that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks Ailse!

My other sister Jill had a party at her flat this weekend to celebrate Ailse and I arriving from the UK. Everyone got quite drunk and played Taboo and Jenga. There was no dancing! Jill made lots of delicious food though, and everyone seemed to have a nice time which is the main thing.

Jill   Westvillage Starbucks

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Starbucks this week. The picture above is of my sis Jill outside her Starbucks at Westvillage where she lives. We went there yesterday for a coffee. There are two interesting things about it:

  • when Series 2 of Prison Break was filming, a lot of it was shot in Dallas. Some of the cast were staying in my sister’s apartment block, so she would see a lot of them in Starbucks!
  • secondly, when we went in yesterday there were 30 people in the Starbucks. 24 of them had laptops and were typing away. I think that’s a bit crazy.

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