Would you eat food that had stuff written on it?


I saw these today. They are Pringles which have stuff actually printed on the crisps. You can get different kinds but the ones I saw in the supermarket had jokes printed on them. I was going to say trivia questions would be good, but according to the picture above it looks like they’ve already thought about that. Weirdly there is a text messaging lingo version coming out according to the Pringles Print web site. I don’t really get that.

Would you eat food that had stuff printed on it? Can you think of any other food that had stuff printed on it? I can only think of eggs, and you don’t eat the part that has the use by date printed on them (i.e. the shell) so that’s ok.

I don’t think I would eat them. Food should not have stuff written on it, but that is just my opinion. I think Pringles are pretty nasty anyway because they are full of monosodium glutamate which is why once you pop you can’t stop.

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