BBC iMP trial

iMP home
Well now I’m back in Belfast, and have a PC at home, I’ve downloaded the BBC’s iMP program, as I’m part of the trial.

Basically, the iMP (above) lets you download any BBC programme from the last seven days and watch it on your PC. If you have a certain mobile device as well, you can transfer the programme to that.

I’d read about a lot of bugs and things like that in the software, but for me it seems to have worked perfectly first time. You can watch trailers of shows, do a simple search, and then start downloading.

imp downloading

You can see me downloading the latest episode of River City above. Anyway, the video quality is really good, and I think if the trial works, and the software’s released, iMP could be very very handy. The only really annoying thing is that there’s no version for Macs as yet. I would love to be able to watch shows on my way into work on the latest iPod!

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