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Well had a weekend in Belfast there – stayed in on the Friday night, but headed out on the Saturday night to Cafe Vaudeville and then… guess where? The Potthouse – no surprises there! Photos of the night are here. It was great to have David (on fine form) up from Dublin, and also Tara out with us as well!

So, apart from that, it was a very quiet weekend indeed. To be honest, I think I was wrecked after all the stress at work with filming. I’m going to head back to Belfast for Children In Need hopefully – I’ll help out there and then enjoy the party! And then on the Saturday night there were suggestions about all of us going just for a meal and then someplace quiet – instead of the Potthouse where we always just get tipsy (apart from G) and never have a proper conversation with each other! So that’s the plan for that weekend….

No nice girls in the Potthouse this weekend past either!

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