Buying stuff from the US iTunes store if you live in the UK

iTunes Music Card

The American iTunes store is great – you can get TV shows (often before they air here), a bigger selection of music and music videos, and movies too. Unfortunately you can’t buy stuff in the US store unless you have a credit card registered to a US address. Or can you?

Well yes you can… here’s what you need to do.

1. Visit the US iTunes store, log out of your UK account (if you’re already signed in)

2. Create a new account and make up an address in the US. Don’t add any credit card details (there should be an option to allow you to add those later)

3. Get hold of an iTunes music card for the US store, enter the code, and you’re off!

The only problem is getting hold of a music card for the US store. I’m lucky ‘cos I have relatives in the US, but if you don’t you could try looking online to see if anyone is selling some. Or, I’m off to Dallas again in January, so if you know me, you could always ask me to get you some!

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