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I’ve added a couple of things here recently – down at the bottom of the page is a new archives section where you can just click on a link to go back to previous posts. There’s also a grey box which is meant to show the most recent previous posts, but for some reason that works some of the time, and doesn’t work a bit of the time. If I can be bothered I’ll have a look at it.

You can also search archives here using the search box or the whizz-bang Archives section on the menu tab up at the top of the page.

The other thing now is you can subscribe to my site via e-mail. It’s $10 a week (joke – it’s free). So basically if I’ve updated my site, you’ll get an e-mail the next morning with the stuff I’ve written. If I have written nothing, you get no e-mail. And there’s no spam either, so don’t worry about that! I accept no responsibility for any boring stuff I’ve written. If you do sign up and have any problems, contact me using the tab on the menu bar above and I’ll have a look at it.

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