Shaving and the razor rip-off!


I HATE shaving. Horrible, so I try not to do it too often. But I’m not growing a beard.

One thing that really annoys me about shaving too (apart from the fact it’s boring) is Gillette – I don’t know why, but I don’t like them as a company. They keep introducing new razor blades with an additional blade in them, making them more expensive, and then withdrawing their older lines which were totally fine.

Today I was in Boots doing a bit of shopping, and went to buy some blades. I’ll admit, I fell like a sucker for all the advertising for Gillette Fusion (which is dire, but obviously effective), picked up a new razor and a packet of 8 blades. Guess how much the blades were. £8? No. £12? No. £18.99! That’s almost twenty quid! I was raging. They are totally, totally sly, making their blades more expensive everytime they launch a new product, withdrawing the old ones, and leaving you with no choice but to move on up to the next price point.

And also who would want a razor with a battery in it? That’s just weird. Surely it would cut your face to ribbons? No doubt in five years time I’ll have no choice but to use a twenty blade razor which you need two hands to hold and packets of blades which cost £200 each.

Rip off merchants! Grrrrrr.

On a better note, I now only have one Christmas present left to get, and I think I know what it is, so I’m feeling a bit less stressed about that. I also got my Christmas cards written today, so look out for yours in the post if you know me! Now I just have to sort out what I’m doing and where I’ll be for New Year…..

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