I’m off to a Muslim wedding this weekend!

Yes that’s right! I can exclusively reveal on my blog (well it’s an online exclusive as no-one else I know has written about it) that my mate G is getting married! He is having a barat on Saturday in London Town (well Watford) which me and the Miss Jill Morgan are going to. I am intrigued as to what it will be like as G can tell me nothing about it, and there is apparently no disco or dancing. But it lasts for five hours! What will be happening? Goodness only knows. He is marrying a lady called Fazia who I have not met yet, but no doubt will at the weekend.

Then, he gets to have another two weddings next weekend in Belfast the crazy cat that he is – he has a proper official ceremony to sign the licence and that, and then it’s another celebration, this time in Belfast!

So if you have ever wondered what a wedding from a different culture is like, wonder no more as I will be able to tell you on Monday (or whenever I get round to writing about it).

To celebrate G’s upcoming wedding, me and the Charlie Brown took him to Gourmet Burger Kitchen on Wednesday. (That is G on the right in the picture above). G has always wanted to go, so that’s why we went there. I wasn’t going to write a review in a post about G’s wedding, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

I quite like Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The burgers are about 8 each, and are very large, as you can see from the picture of the Cajun Burger I had which is above. Trust me, you will not need to eat anything else – no side orders or anything, as they are very filling. I felt slightly sick after eating there as I did actually have fries as well. The burgers are nice though, and are cooked however you like them (I like my beef medium-rare).

It’s got a bit of a sterile atmosphere about the place, but it’s ok for a casual lunch / dinner. Although it’s licensed, it’s not really the kind of place you’d want to take a lady for dinner. Well actually, maybe it would be ok if you were going to the Odeon in Victoria Square or something. Drinks (we just had soft drinks) and fries and things can very quickly make your bill add up though – fries are 2.95, and I can’t remember how much the drinks were, but I did think they were a bit expensive.

Anyway, that is not to take away the fact that G is getting married. I am really excited about a nice weekend in London and going to G’s wedding. Although a part of me is a bit sad that he is no longer going to be a single man. Not that I’m gay or anything, just that it’s another single mate biting the dust (although he’s not really biting the dust, just getting married).

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